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A familiar carol in the air...   
02:01pm 02/12/2016
  Today I went to post something on here for the first time in two years, and it asked if I wanted to restore from draft. I was like, "Why NOT?!" and hit the button.

It said,


'Yes, I still do.'

Left as a cryptic message for you, for me, that, reader of old, is human heart encapsulation.

Ironically in that way that is not ironic, I came here today out of love.

I am currently open to exchange Christmas cards with anyone who would like to trade. I mean, what the hell. We all do online billing nowadays and the Batman stamps aren't using themselves. And wouldn't you know it, I just now yearned for a mic button I could touch and attempt to SPEAK the words in to this box as I have become fond of smart phone usage in that old people's way - though give me credit, at least my conversations are not on speakerphone.

So if you would like to exchange Christmas cards this year, please leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail to autumnmay@gmail.com with the deets, because I'm still here.

And yes,

I still do.
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12:06pm 15/10/2014
  If I am still on anyone's friends list and you are reading this, I just wanted to update my virtual tracks. I left Live Journal about a year or two ago to take on Word Press, and I have never looked back. I like the widgets, the connectivity, and the service a lot more. If any of you would like to try it, I will certainly add you.

My new blog (has been) here: http://greatdame.wordpress.com/ which I kept private during a time of prying eyes. Those eyes are inconsequential, now.

I hope everyone from this realm has been doing okay. When I felt very isolated in the world, it was the people I encountered in my glowing box that offered support and inspiration. They helped me learn to listen (it helped that I was forced to read, lol) and I really do believe that my online connections helped me get beyond the issues I was having. Thank you to all of you.

Of course, this sort of thing did have its consequences... but I can say without a doubt that those sources of pain are well below my feet, left alive only to live as pathetic reminders to me of when I nearly lost my way.

Some people, online, offline, invisible, in-person, will dress themselves up as light and try to lure you.

It's up to you, to follow the sun.
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