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Forever Dear Diary   
04:35pm 12/12/2018
  "Season's Greetings from the real world!" she boasted, practically screaming it as she passed by. For just a moment, she was back with some wonderful people she loved.


I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I've occasionally been on my blog of choice, Word Press. It has a future-forward design that connects all my little widgets and gives me that ideal soap box when I'm feeling saucy.

There is a cool feature for cross-posting from WP to LJ, which I have considered, but I have steered away from working a comments section. My thoughts are much less conversation and more stand-alone, like-it-or-leave-it moments. I just don't have the spare time like I used to, for the chatter. I don't even use the calling feature on my phone very much. The "voice in my head" has evolved over the years and I have to focus on how it sounds when I speak it out loud now. My "audience" is flesh and blood that can easily take a comment or take offense in moments that cannot be deleted or undone and that is a full time gig at this point.

Writing is such a love of mine and I do wish that I could still record *everything* but I don't necessarily think that matters as much as any of us getting down to their best life and being out from behind the recorder. I could be reporting or reminiscing as early as tomorrow, but if you don't hear from me for a while, know that it is a good thing - because after I climbed on that RAM cloud and floated through the transmission barrier, I was downloaded, saved, and exploring a bigger map than anything I had ever tried to navigate inside my head.

Community is awesome and I will never, ever forget this one.

"We're all connected!" she yelled as she drifted out to the horizon line once more. Had it been a parade? It was as if she was trying to spill a secret. "This is all the same thing! Me, this, our words, the blue thumbs up, your world, every moment! <3"
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A familiar carol in the air...   
02:01pm 02/12/2016
  Today I went to post something on here for the first time in years, and it asked if I wanted to restore from draft. I was like, "Why NOT?!" and hit the button.

It said,


'Yes, I still do.'

Left as a cryptic message for you, for me, that, reader of old, is human heart encapsulation.

Ironically in that way that is not ironic, I came here today out of love.

If you would like to exchange Christmas cards again this year, please leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail to autumnmay@gmail.com with the deets, because I'm still here.

And yes,

I still do.
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12:06pm 15/10/2014
  Wow. I was on here from the time I was approaching my 21st birthday until hitting my 30's! That is a long journey to write of.

This sort of thing, years and years of pouring my heart out through the cyberspace phonograph did have its consequences... but I can say without a doubt that those sources of misfortune are well behind me, distant memories as reminders to keep away from the ledge of oblivion. And away from cray-crays. Seriously, girls - get a P.O. Box, protect your identity and always work on rapport with someone close to you so that your unique window is never your secret prison.

I hope everyone from this realm has been doing okay. When I felt very isolated from the world, it was the people I encountered in my glowing box that offered support and inspiration. I really do believe that my connectivity helped me get beyond the issues I faced. Thank you to all of you.
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